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London Fashion Week Favourites

By Živilė Januškevičiūtė
London fashion week went incredibly fast, but now there are some fabulous trends to look up for! 

– The “Pyjamas” trend is not going anywhere!

– Have fun with sleeves – they’re a statement attribute to your outfit now.

– Tiny floral’s, smallest, tiniest floral’s everywhere!

– Don’t be disappointed if you lose one of your earrings – that’s how the cool kids wear it now.



Zivy wouldn’t be Zivy, if I hadn’t have chosen some clean cuts for my LFW faves list. Classy colours, silk and pajamas – Mulberry deserves a high score. Beware of those autumnal colours in high street shops and stay classy.



Rock on, Versus! Edgy, clean, and somewhat futuristic. Zippers, silver clothing pieces and leather never leave shopping centres, so it should be easy to follow this trend.


amanda-wakeleyThis is beyond amazing! Prepare to include martial arts into your outfits. I know Zara is well prepared for this trend, so march on.


shrimps-worstI’m not entirely sure what has happened here, but Shrimps did not make me happy… Converse, really?

What do you think of my favourites?

Zivy  🛍



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