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Top 5 Lush Favourites 

By Dee ~ Editor

Be My Stylist isn’t just about Fashion & Style… nope, we also love to discover beauty brands and companies. I personally love everything  & anything that is to do with LUSH, whether it’s their products, ethics or values, It’s a winner in my eyes 😍

So… I decided to compile a list of  my TOP 5 Lush Products ~ wow what a tricky task that was! Most people tell me my bathroom looks like a Lush shop itself so this took quite some time to narrow down 🙈 but here we are…

1Full of grace.jpeg.jpg

Full Of Grace Face Serum 20g £8.25 ~ This amazing serum soothes and protects your skin, I find it’s great for calming redness or tired skin that has been exposed to harsh climates. Now the weather has turned colder this is one to have on your dressing table. If you have sensitive skin I truly recommend it for you, plus it even tones for an anti-ageing benefit.


Feeling Younger Skin Tint 20g £12.00 ~ This fabulous product can last a lifetime, okay maybe not a lifetime… but a pretty long time! It has a beautiful illuminating effect that reflects the light to make you look more youthful! It’s ideal to prep the skin under make-up, use as a highlighter on your cheekbones & under your brow or to wear on a “bare face” day.


Let The Good Times Roll Face & Body Cleanser 100g £7.25 ~ This scrumptious popcorn cleanser will get you into a cleansing routine easily enough. Who doesn’t want to smell popcorn on you face? 😃 It’s good for normal to dry skin so I would advise to try an alternative if you have oily skin, take a look at Herbalism or Dark Angels. LTGTR scrubs away any oils or dirt on your face, leaving you you smelling sweet and looking fine! 😉 NB: Don’t eat it… although we’ve all “accidentally” licked a little bit off our upper lip at some point… or is that just me!? 😂


Twilight Bath Bomb £3.75 ~ So your saying, how much on one bath!? Trust us Stylists, this bath bomb is serenity, beauty, inspiring, relaxing and soothing all in one. If you’re really against using a whole one, you can attempt to cut your bombs in half, I personally don’t recommend this for the Bombs, only the Bubble Bars. You won’t get that beautiful surprise of colours bursting out the middle, the full amount of luxurious oils put in that bomb for you and it can be time consuming & dangerous |(please be careful with knives)… so I say just enjoy the whole thing as a special treat bath! YOU ARE WORTH IT! Twilight’s pink & blue colours create a dazzling purple water, the sweet malt lavender smells amazing (no granny fragrances here) AND it has a mesmerising silver lustre. 💖


Passionate Lipstick 5g £14.50 ~ This lipstick is my ultimate favourite, it’s a gorgeous hot pink fuchsia shade. It is true to colour & super long-lasting, so if your looking for staying power this is the one for you! It’s so light that you forget you’re wearing lipstick…which is fine because you won’t need to re-apply! 👄 It usually lasts about 8hrs for me without fading. Check out the other colours here.

So there you have it, my top 5 Lush Products! Let me know in the comments below what your top Lush products are or if you love any of these products too!?

 REMEMBER: LUSH are Cruelty-Free! 🐰  #fightinganimaltesting

You can read Lush’s Mission statement here: We Believe

Dee 💕

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Lush Favourites 

  1. OMG! I love Lush! Thanks for informing us about your favorite Lush products. I really want to try that popcorn scrub (how creative). And, just look at the pigment of that lipstick! It usually lasts you 8 hours without fading? I’ve definitely gotta try that out! Thank you for the follow! I adore your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So sorry I didn’t reply sooner! You’re welcome lovely.. yes deffo try LTGTR or have you already? Let us know how it is for you? AND yes when I’m at work or out and about I find no need to reapply! I love it 😍 Thank you so much for following us and I hope you keep enjoying our ideas! 😘


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