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Embellishments & Glitter πŸ’–

 By Dee ~ Editor

Hey Stylists!

I have noticed the shops are laced with embellishments & glitter this season and who doesn’t like glitter!!? Okay not everyone does, I suppose it does get everywhere… my fiancΓ© loves it, especially when there’s speckles on his face, hands and other regions… πŸ™ˆ NOT!

BUT have no fear these beautiful babies I’ve found for you won’t leave a trace behind* (hopefully!)

* I am not responsible for your fiancΓ©/boyfriend getting glitter in their nether regions due to you buying any of the items! πŸ˜‚

embellishments and glitter (1).png

TOPSHOP ~ KOBRA Embroidered Boots ~ Β£39.00 As soon as I saw these boots I thought wow, they’re pretty. The embellishment definitely makes a statement, but not TOO much of one! The pastel colours on the black work so well and you would be able to team them with most outfits nicely!

ETSY (Petiteutile)~ Glitter Collar Clips ~ Β£13.92 (+shipping) Put some added sparkle to that plain, sheer shirt or that peter pan collared dress! These collar clips have a variety of colours that reflect off the light and will twinkle through the day/night.

RIVER ISLAND ~ Gold Glitter Mini Chain Bag ~ Β£18.00 Stand out in the crowd with this glitter shoulder bag. Big enough to fit all your essentials in but just the right size to inject enough “wow factor” into your overall look!

So there you have it Stylists, embrace the patterns, the shimmer & shine, add some colour and leave a trail of glitter behind you (figuratively)! Which one is your fave?

Keep Stylin’!

Dee πŸ’•


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