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High Street Halloween πŸŽƒ

halloween-header  By Jessy  ~ Fashion Finder

So we all know it’s nearly that time of year when we are allowed to dress up as sexy as we want and no one can say anything about it…hello Halloween! 😈 Don’t shell out on an overpriced ready-to-wear” costume, when you can easily create your own from clothes off of the high street! This also means you can wear them long after Halloween.

Here’s my pick of the most on trend Halloween looks and I can’t wait to see yours…!


1. Sexy Cat The current trend for chokers is your friend with this Halloween staple look, just purchase this bangin’ velvet choker vest and you’ve nailed 2-in-1! I love the sparkle of these sequined leggings… they will really elongate your legs while you’re prowling around the dance floor. Don’t forget the cat ears of course! πŸ±

Cat Ears – Β£8.41 – Etsy

Choker Top – Β£15.99 – New Look

Sequin Leggings – Β£10.69 – Ebay


 2. Dead Doll This look is so easy…you just need to opt for an innocent collared dress, or you could get a skater dress with a blouse underneath – think cute! Then it needs accessorising with some frilly ankle socks and some chunky platform T-Bars…this will help you achieve an innocent girl effect. The final flourish will be your “Day of the Dead” inspired make up, with hundreds of tutorials online to watch and almost 2 weeks to practice, I’m sure you can get your doll face on point!

Dress – Β£28 – Asos

Socks – Β£3.50 – Topshop

Platform T-Bars – Β£56 – Topshop


3. Mermaid Now this is my ultimate favourite option for Halloween 2016 and I think this will prove a very popular look!For the costume think: sea greens, blues & silvers, a long flowing skirt (like a sheer maxi or pleated midi) and a lace bralet. If you’re feeling creative you could buy shells from a craft store and stick them onto a headband to make a mermaid crown (so on trend) but really it’s all about the make up! Check out this tutorial for an effective use of fishnet tights to create a scale detail, using an abundance of coloured eye shadow & glitter!!

Pleated Midi Skirt – Β£30 – Asos

Bralet – Β£18 – Missguided

Now you have plenty inspiration to create your own, unique costume… what are you waiting for go hit the high street shops!
Which one would you try?

Jessy πŸŒΈ


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