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PJ’s Were Made For Lazy Days 💤

img_3323 By EJ ~ Curve Inspirationalist

Its that time of year when comfort and cosiness is totes important! I don’t know about you Stylists, but I  love, love LOVE Lazy Sundays relaxing in a fresh pair of PJ’s! (When I get the chance)

There are some fabulous finds out there so here are a few that I think you might like…image1-3I’m quite partial to a onesie, but I find them a bit of a nightmare when nature calls! 🙊 These lounge wear sets are super comfy, warm and could almost pass of as a tracksuit. They’re even ideal for nipping out to get the bin or a late night trip to the supermarket….believe me I’ve seen people in their nighties pop to the shop, so you’d totes get away with one of these sets if you needed to! 😂

image2-1PJ’s are a must for me during these chilly months, from cute prints to  seasonal colours you can have it all… plus they’re super duper comfy! The butterfly print pair are so sweet and I prefer the fitted ankle to a loose one so they don’t roll up in your sleep! The plum coloured pair are bang on trend and don a lovely soft finish to keep you cosy in your slumber.

Boohoo£6.00.pngI am all about the prints on these nighties! Unicorns are the mystical, fantasy animal favourite to have on your clothes at the moment, but if rainbow loving horses with pointy horns doesn’t quite go with your usual day-time style then you can totally rock unicorns at bedtime! I also love nightwear with slogans on, so this ‘Born to Sleep’ nightie is right up my ally as… well… I do love me some sleep! 😉  It’s a great length, as I find you can get some nighties that are on the short side 🙈 This is one is perfect for owl lovers out there!

Editors Pick Primark.png

Snuggle up with this Bambi Box set; including a 2-piece PJ set & socks. Two words… BEYOND CUTE!

  • Pop into Primark for this one: Disney Bambi Boxed Pyjama Set ~ £13.00

    All you need now is a duvet day, Netflix, hot chocolate, your comfy slippers and your good to go! Which style do you prefer!?
    EJ 💋

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