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Halloween how-to πŸ‘»πŸ’„

halloween-header-1By Shellie ~ Beauty Advisor & Dee ~ Editor

This is Halloween, this is Halloween… yes stylists we are all about Halloween preparation this week, not only are we thinking about our costume but also how we are going to do our make-up!

We have chosen two looks that we think will be popular this year! Check out the simple way that our Beauty Advisor tackles them with make-up essentials selected by our Editor. You can create these looks with the make-up straight out of your cosmetic bag!1_1

How to create this look:

  1. Use White Snazaroo face paint all over your face, leaving space around the eyes! (Alternatively you can prep the face with liquid foundation and set with powder)
  2. Using a  good Black Eyeliner crayon or pencil, draw circle around the eyes ~ up to the eyebrow and down to beneath the eye socket.
  3. Fill in the circles with Black Eye-shadow, then using the Eyeliner draw semi-circle shapes around the circles.You can fill these in with your own choice of coloured shadow! (Check out the brightly coloured shadows below)
  4. Using an Eyeliner for precision, carefully draw an upside-down heart, from the tip of your nose to halfway up your nose. This will give the illusion of your nose being missing!
  5. Using which ever Eyeliner you prefer, draw a curved line from the corner of your mouth to below your cheek-bone. then draw small vertically lines intermittently to create the look of stitches.
  6. This is where you can get creative! Use Brightly Coloured Eye-shadows or Glittered Eyeliners to create swirls, flowers, teardrops or cobwebs!



How to create this look:

  1. Apply your foundation, contour and powder setting as you would normally.
  2. Get your self a pair of Fishnet Tights. Cut the legs of the tights to ensure you can place the netting safely over your head.
  3. Pick up your Eye-Shadow (I have attached a list of colours below) and Powder Brush.
  4. Place the netting halfway over your face and start dabbing the coloured Eye-Shadow through the netting onto your forehead and round the side of your eyes & cheekbones. You can apply various colours (matching tones) to build up the scales if you wish.
  5. Once you’re happy you have built up plenty of colour, carefully peel the netting off of your face so you don’t smudge your scales.
  6. For an additional effect you can you this technique on your eyebrows, glitter eyebrows look amazing but we would recommend using a Glitter Glue  for this (just watch your netting so it doesn’t stick).
  7. Lastly finish your look with a matching toned Pastel Lipstick. We love these shades!


Recommended Eye-Shadows & Glitters:

So why not experiment a little and give one of these easy looks a try! You have well over a week to get perfecting that “WOW” factor make-up.

Let us know what make-up look your going for this Halloween?

Shellie & Dee πŸ’‹πŸ’•


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