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Outfit Inspiration 

outfit-inspo-autumn-headersBy April ~ Contributing Blogger

As the Autumn leaves fall, we’re thinking about pumpkins, apple cider, cold nights and warm fireplaces… but we also want to show off our seasonal style! The time has come to unleash the knitwear!

We find that for Autumn clothing we need to consider a few attributes:

🍂 Comfort & Warmth

🍂 Colours 

 🍂 Fahionable but Functional

🍂 Accessories (Sometimes gloves & scarves are a necessity, so why not match them with your look?) 

To spark your creativity, here’s an Autumn outfit based on this Boohoo Roll Neck Knitted Jumper Dress  (only £20.00).

This dress is the perfect combination of cosy and cute! Whether you’re off to meet friends or spend the day curled up at home with a hot drink, your style is on point with this piece.

Outfit Inspiration

  • Brown Knitted Cape ~ Mango (£17.99) A comfortable and simple layer to keep you a little warmer during the cold season. The dress is fitted and patterned so this loose cape would make a nice contrast. 
  • Wide-Brim Wool Hat ~ Forever 21 (£16.00) Get that celeb look with a flowing cape and floppy hat. I also like the different shade of brown on the ribbon band, it all adds to the colours of fallen leaves.

Don’t forget shoes! 

  • Tan Leather Ankle Boots ~ New Look (£19.00) It’s not Autumn without boots! The woven panel is a cute touch to an already beautiful leather shoe and the heel gives you a little extra boost in your step. Work it!

Finally, as a pretty accent to the outfit:

  • Amber Crystal Necklace ~ Etsy (£13.49) Such delicate details in the wires and a couple of small charms to make it extra special. Amber is such a beautiful coloured stone, I adore the different shades that reflect the light. This is a lovely way to finish off your Autumn look.

An outfit to give you confidence, elegance, comfort and warmth. I hope you all wrap up and strut your stuff this season, show us what you’ve got and express yourself!

One last thought, don’t forget the gloves… do you prefer knitted or leather?
April 👄

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