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X Kenzo @H&M 👀

kenzoBy Mehreen ~ Co-Editor

Hello Stylists!

We all know Kenzo as a high fashion designer brand usually seen on celebrities and the fashionistas of the industry! Well this time, we can all get our hands on the latest Kenzo pieces from the new, affordable Kenzo X H&M collection.  Kenzo is known for it’s bright colours and loud prints and the collection does not fail. It is a fusion of animal prints, flower prints, medallion prints and logos!

Kenzo is also well known for its jumpers & sweatshirts with a tiger face on it and I have always wanted one of those!! 🐅 Usually when H&M do a collaboration line with designers, they sell out of stock within the first few hours so make sure you get in the queue early! 👍🏼

H&M X Kenzo launch date is November 3rd 2016!! 

Here are some of the collection that we would love to get our hands on…

Fun Fact: Kenzo was founded in 1970 by Kenzo Takada, a Japanese-French fashion designer. He started with women’s handmade goods and  now it is an international luxury brand. 

Which piece will you be getting in line for?
Mehreen 💕

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