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Halloween Bits & Bobs!πŸ±πŸ’€πŸ‘Ό

By Sophie ~ Bargain Hunter

Hey stylists and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

As much as I love Halloween (and dressing up for it), I hate wasting money on costumes I’ll only ever wear once. I’ve had a scout around for some bargain items that you can add to the clothes you probably already have. This is a great way to create a quick, cheap and super easy costume!

All 3 of the following looks come in at under Β£10, so they’re perfect if you’re on a budget…


To achieve this look, simply dress head to toe in black (if you’re anything like me this won’t be difficult!). Textures like fur and velvet are good for this look as they give the illusion of fur. The two cheap items to turn this look spooky are cat ears and a choker! These two items can be picked up very cheaply, usually for under Β£5 and are sold almost everywhere online and in-store!

I’ve chosen the New Look black glittery cat ears to keep with the black theme and a Missguided choker with a charm on it as it looks like a cat collar! To finish the look perfectly, use black eyeliner to give yourself whiskers (and if you really want to go all out, cat-eye flicks)!

Cat Ears – – Β£3.99

Choker – – Β£6.00

TOTAL: Β£9.99

If you are looking for more Cat inspiration, check out our Fashion Finder, Jessy’s post here!


This next look allows you to be a little bit more colourful, so if black isn’t your thing this might be just the costume for you! For the clothing in this outfit, a dress or skirt tends to work best as it should be a skater ideally. The colours can be anything you choose and don’t have to be traditional Halloween colours at all!

The two items to pull this look together are a flower crown/headband and sparkly face gems. Miss Selfridge have this gorgeous floral crown in Autumnal colours for only Β£1! These sorts of flower hairbands are widely available though as  I’ve seen them in Primark too! To finish the look, use The Gypsy Shrine coloured face gems, especially around the eyes. You are now day of the dead-ready!

Flower Crown – Β£1.00

Face Gems – Β£7.00

TOTAL: Β£8.00

For Halloween make-up  Inspiration click here!


This final look allows you to dig out your prettiest, white clothing (extra points if it’s floaty or lacy) and don a halo and beautiful nails! An angel is a fun twist on Halloween as it is everything Halloween shouldn’t be :p

This feather halo is such a bargain from, and the iridescent pearl nails from Claire’s will add a glam touch to your already angelic look! Happy ‘trick or treat’-ing’ but please don’t get any chocolate down your white dress!! (totally something I would do!)

Halo – Β£3.00

Iridescent Nails – Β£6.00

TOTAL: Β£9.00


We’re super excited to see all of your Halloween #OOTD’s! What are you dressing up as this year? Tell us in the comments…
Sophie πŸ’˜



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