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Belt Up! 😄

BELT UP!.jpgBy April ~ Contributing Blogger

We all wear belts at some point, whether it’s for the purpose of holding up our trousers, to compliment our figures or to accent a cute outfit! One thing we know at Be My Stylist is that they are an essential to any wardrobe!  I’ll be showing you some belts for those on a budget, those of you who want to splash out a little and how you could wear them!

Let’s dive right in…

Chunky Elasticated Waist Belts ~ These are easy to wear with the snap fasteners on the back and they’re pretty comfortable ☺️ Belts like these can compliment your figure in both loose and tight outfits due to the snug fit on the waist.

belts1 frame.jpg

I chose this belt as it’s one I have bought and worn myself and I love it! Blue Banana generally have decent low priced accessories and the quality may surprise you. I have another similar style belt from there that has lasted years, great value! This particular design is simple but stylish; with a 3D bow giving it a little extra pop! As it;s plain black it goes well with many outfits. For a nice Autumn look it could be worn with a lightweight, long sleeved, knitted dress and a cape.

Gilded Ballast Waist Belts will keep ya shielded from their attacks, babe!

This sick waist belt features a plated golden panel that straps across your torso, thick elastic banding and snap closures. This slightly more flashy belt has a gold plate across the front that will surely make you stand out from the crowd!  I’d play around with this one a bit, but if you want to add a little glamour to your casual look perhaps team it with a loose white t-shirt, black leggings or skinny jeans! Don’t forget those some golden heels (glitter optional!) 😉

Obi Waist Belts  ~ Obi belts are beautiful and a great accessory for wearing over one layer or several. I see them often worn over coats to show off a figure. They’re quite elegant!

belts2 frame.jpg

If you feel like treating yourself to something a little more pricey then LoveYaaYaa sells some gorgeous quality handmade belts in her shop. This is one of many that I love! Rose gold is such a lovely colour that adds a touch of class to any outfit. I’d wear this with a white lace ruffled dress, perhaps with a light pink floral detail or accessory somewhere. Finish by adding some minimalist delicate rose gold jewellery… Stunning! 👌

This obi belt is a little more delicate and subtle than some others as it has a thin waist tie that ties neatly into a bow. Wear it with a long sleeved top and three quarter length circle skirt for a pretty smart-casual look. 💓

Finally, let’s get Back to Basics and look at some that simply hold up your trousers! These are belts made for practicality and style 👍

belts3 frame.jpg

Here’s something for you lovely, curvy Stylists… a double buckle belt with stud detail! The buckles also have a pretty pattern as an added feature! I’d wear this with a dark t-shirt (distressed or with a vintage design could be fun), black jeans and cut out ankle boots.

I thought I’d include at least one belt with some extra colour for those of you who like to mix things up a bit! This pretty, 100% LeatherTom Tailor belt has an abstract design and features a selection of bold colours contrasting with a pale background. This would go nicely with a warm coloured shirt or blouse (perhaps an orange or pale yellow shade). Team with some blue jeans & floral jewellery 😍

There you go Stylists! A variety of belts in different sizes, shapes & colours. With a price range of £5.00 to £36.00 I think any would be valuable addition to your wardrobe this season! Personally I have found a few that I’d definitely wear myself, so hopefully you’ll find something that you like in here too! 😄

Make the most of belts though Stylists, they can make a huge difference to an outfit! I hope my suggestions have inspired you to get out there and BELT UP! Now tell us your favourites?
April 👄

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