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How to – Hair Hacks 💁

hair hacks (1).pngBy Flick ~ Contributing Blogger

Limp and lifeless hair in the morning!? Not quite supermodel long?!  Every girl gets hair envy, Braids… Buns…Balayage…the list goes on and on! It can be a bit overwhelming and somewhat of a challenge for most of us to muster more than a messy pony first thing in the morning cant it!?

So I’ve gone into hair inspiration overdrive and found the cutest, quickest & easiest HAIR HACKS to keep you and your crowning glory looking absolutely fabulous…

Space Bunsspace

Back with a vengeance, the 90’s trend that rocked the likes of Carrie Fisher (OK 70’s/80’s), the Spice GirlsGwen Stefani and more recently Ariana Grande & Gigi Hadid, is storming the runways and Instagram!

So here’s a fun & easy STEP by STEP to get you channelling Princess Leia in no time at all!


* 4 Hair Ties
* Bobby Pins
* Hairspray

  • Brush out all your knots & tangles
  • Part your hair down the centre to create 2 pigtails and add volume & texture with dry shampoo to make your buns appear fuller!
  • Secure each in place with a hair tie, make sure they’re even height!
  • Twist each ponytail and roll into a bun, securing in place with a hair tie (the messier the bun the cuter & more carefree they will look)
  • Pin any random strands into place
  • Spray on your favourite finishing spray and your ready to wow!!!

Feel free to add flowers, try the famous glitter roots or use embellished hair clips… the possibilities are endless!

Twist & Braid Bunbun

Cute, simple & very chic. For those who haven’t the time and suffer from the somewhat annoying “fine hair syndrome”, this is super pretty and easy!


*Texture Spray or Dry Shampoo
* Hair Tie
* Bobby Pins
* Hairspray or Finishing Spray

A Topsy Twist Styling Tool is a godsend for this style but totally optional…ebay has thousands of them from 99p!

  • Add texture spray or dry shampoo and tie your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck.
  • Take the end of your ponytail and loop it back through the top of the ponytail above the band making a kind of “mini chignon” and pull through (this is where the *Topsy Twist Styling Tool could be useful)
  • Simply tuck the ends back over the “chignon” and pin those and any loose strands into place with your bobby pins (to make the look effortless and sleek always use similar colour bobby pins to your own hair colour)

Et Volia!!! Pretty, simple and oh so easy!

Propped Up Ponytailpony

Want to know a teeny tiny secret to a fuller and more lush looking ponytail using a few basics… this is suitable for any mid-length to long hair length!


* 2 Hair Ties
* Bobby Pins
*Large Barrel Curling Wand (optional)
* Hairspray
* Dry Shampoo
* Finishing Spray

Cheat alert ~ This Ponytailer a sneaky way to add more volume! | £4.99

  • Style your hair, add immense texture (if you have none use a curler or spray in some dry shampoo or sea spray)
  • Part hair half way across crown like a half up half down style and tie the top half with a hair tie
  • Take a small section of that ponytail (or use a ponytailer) and wrap it around the hair tie securing with a bobby pin or two
  • Take the remaining hair underneath and pull into a mid height pony tail, secure with a hair tie under the other pony tail as this is where volume and texture becomes key!
  • Making sure its in the middle and under the top ponytail, style and curl however you want to make the bottom ponytail “disappear”
  • Spray in your favourite finishing spray or a touch of hairspray.

There you go lovelies, a deceivingly thicker, longer and prettier ponytail with no extensions required!

Fake Bangs TopKnottop

Gigi rocked them & Kendall slayed them… faux bangs (or fringe to us beauty buffs) have arrived and clearly are making a mega impact on the fashion world! Here’s how to get an edgy, sex kitten look without the haircut regret and millions of tears!


* Brush
* Straighteners
* Large Barrel Curling Wand
* Hair Tie
* Bobby Pins
* Texture Spray or Dry Shampoo
* Finishing Spray or Hairspray

  • Brush and smooth out your hair (straighteners optional)
  • Tie up your hair into a super high ponytail and secure with a hair tie
  • Take a small section from the front of your ponytail and bring it forward over your forehead
  • Using a couple of bobby pins, pin into place, closer to your crown and at the length you desire
  • Add some texturising spray to the rest of your pony tail to add volume
  • Fan out the rest of your ponytail, make into a messy bun and pin into place (be sure to cover the “fringe” pins at the front)
  • Use a curling wand or hair straighteners, style your new “faux bangs” into the desired place and you’re all set to slay “a la” the gorgeous Gigi!

The new GHDs are on my Christmas list *swoon!*


Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo ~ on special now!
Scuncii Clear Silicone No damage Hair Bobbles ~ Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Schwarzkopf Gliss Shine Tonic ~ total bargain!
Boots Blonde Grips ~ Pack of 70

What was your favourite hack Stylists? OR do you have your own to add!? Mine is definitely the “Propped up Ponytail
Flick 💝


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