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Xmas Jumper Day… Everyday!

xmas-jumper-day-everydayBy Dee ~ Editor | Co~Founder

Ho Ho Ho Stylists! Christmas is but a mere 8 sleeps away (yep I’m counting in sleeps!) and it is officially time to whack on your Christmas Jumpers! Yesterday was ‘Christmas Jumper day‘, a charity to help save children’s lives. With this in mind it made me think how lucky I am to be able to snuggle into a big, cosy jumper when some people aren’t. Please do take a look at the link and see what it’s all about 👍

 So Stylists, If you’re like me and you love to own a variety of Xmas jumpers to wear over the festive period, then you’ve come to the right place…

xmas jumpers (4).png

ASOS Brave Soul 3D Penguin Christmas Jumper £20.00

Who doesn’t love a cute animal on their clothing… and this penguin sure is a cutie! I’m loving the pastel colours (not always seen on Xmas jumpers) and how nice it goes with a pair of white skinnies.


FREEMANS Glamorous Christmas Fairaisle Print Jumper £28.00

I’m a big fan of Fairaisle Xmas patterns! This one has a gorgeous display of snowflakes & polka dots (I think to symbolise snow). It looks like a slightly oversized jumper that you could snuggle up in, holding  a big mug of hot chocolate. (Don’t forget to use a candy cane to stir it!)


SILK FRED Pressie Sequin Christmas Jumper £35.00

Ooh la laaStylists! This jumper is treat! I particularly love how it’s sparkly but subtle enough, you could totally get away with it on an evening out for Xmas drinks! I would say go all out and team it with a skater skirt. (Extra sparkles are your choice)


NEW LOOK Cream Up To Snow Good Jumper £14.99

We all know someone who loves a cheeky message on their jumpers and Christmas is the best time to get away with it! I think the colours go really nicely together and keep it looking subtle! Again, another one to cosy up in while watching an Xmas movie, on a chilly day.


TIGER MILLY (HELL BUNNY) Hell Bunny Katherine 50s Vintage Style Christmas Xmas Jumper £27.49

My last choice and it had to be a totally Christmassy one… and can you get much more Christmassy than red & white!? This Hell Bunny jumper is totally cute and quirky. I love the polka dots and the festive trees teamed with hearts & kisses! I think it would have been totally fab with a long sleeved version too, but there’s something about a short sleeved Xmas jumper that does intrigue me! You could team this with a cute skirt and wear on a Christmas day visit.

 So whether you love a cute festive animal, a more subtle pattern or “lets go all out, it’s Christmas once a year” style of jumper, I hope you find something here to inspire you to “Get your Xmas Jumper on!”

Merry Christmas Stylists!

Dee 💕

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