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Fashion Moments of 2016! 👑

favourites-2016  By Uzma ~ Celebrity Style Spotter | Dee & Mehreen ~ Editors

Hi Stylists! It’s hard to believe that we are in the new year! We hope everyone had a very fashionable 2016 😉! This week we’re sharing our top celeb looks from 2016! To be honest, this was so hard to narrow down, there’s just too many fabulous style moments from 2016!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane…

Uzma’s Top 3

1. Salma Hayek

salma.png(Images taken from HawtCelebs & TomandLorenzo)

As soon I started looking at my favourite looks, I knew I had to cover this gorgeous gown! Salma Hayek rocked a beautiful black gown at the 2016 Lackawanna Art + Film Gala. Quite unforgettable detailing on a gown so elegant and sexy!

2. Mindy Kaling

mindy(Images taken from Mondomoda & GoFugYourself)

Mindy Kaling looked truly stunning, at the Oscars, in her a blue & black Elizabeth Kennedy gown, I loved her train!! 😍 Such simplicity and extravagance in one!

3.Kate Middleton

fashion-moments-kate(Image taken from InStyle & Asos)

It’s no surprise that the Duchess of Cambridge wowed in whatever outfit she was in last year. She rocked this outfit, by Jenny Peckham, during her trip to India. I love the overall look!

You can emulate Kate in this gorgeous Maya Bardot Maxi Dress from Asos for £85.15

Dee’s Top 3

1.Claire Danes
CLARE.png(Images taken from FemmesdeTunisie & Pinterest)

Cinderella herself would be envious of this gown, after all hers didn’t glow in the dark like Claire Danes‘ did at the Met Gala!! If Claire didn’t feel like a princess that night, I don’t know what she felt like, but Zac Posen made her an absolute beauty by using fibre optics & organza! #Swoon! 

2. Kristen Bell

kristen.png(Images taken from YourNextDress & ENews)

Kristen Bell wore an absolute, jaw-dropping gown to the Emmy awards! Talk about taking the plunge 😉 Designed by Zuhair Murad, I love how the gown is fitted round her waist and then floats down to the floor with such intricate, floral embroidery.

3. Kendall Jenner

fashion moments kendall.png(Images taken from ENews)

Kendall‘s 21st birthday outfit was one I could not forget from 2016,  you can even get a similar look here. The Paris Hilton-esque sparkling mini, covered in Swarovski crystals, was custom made by Antoine Salameh. This is a dress dreams are made of (when your feeling like a sexy prin’ 😉) Paris Hilton‘s reaction was so cute:

“So yeah I was really flattered and I thought she looked stunning and I thought, it is the perfect birthday dress, especially when you’re turning 21… We had a fun talk about it…on her Instagram she wrote ‘Paris Hilton vibes’ with a picture of the dress and I thought that was really sweet.” Read the full article here

Mehreen’s Top 3

5.Gigi Hadid

fashion moments gigi.png(Image taken from Popsugar & PrettyLittleThing)

Guess what Stylists? Gigi has a favourite outfit and it’s none other than this stunning Versace number! She has worn this sparkly jumpsuit twice in 2016 and carries it off so well! 😍😍

You can have a similar piece like this in your closet  👍🏼 Check out this Metallic Jumpsuit  ONLY £13.00 from PrettyLittleThing.com

2. Taylor Swift

fashion moments tay.png(Image taken from E online! & Pinterest)

Taylor wowed us at the Grammys in this vibrant number! Remind you of anyone…? Yes Tay Tay’s outfit looks like a modern-upgrade of Bianca’s prom dress from the hit movie, ’10 Things I Hate About You’! The colour of the crop top & skirt combo compliment each other so well! I Loved this outfit on her 👍🏼 She accessorised it amazingly with subtle accents!

3. Beyonce

fashion moments bey.png(Images from HollywoodLife)

The Internet went Gaga over Beyonce‘s Met Gala dress! It was dubbed as the ‘Condom Dress‘ and got mixed reviews from the public! I’m loving the embellishments overall on this one and we, at Be My Stylist, think Queen B slayed in this latex number!

So there you have Be My Stylist’s Style Queen’s of 2016! However there were so many other stellar looks!  

What was your favourite fashion moment of 2016??

Uzma 📸
Dee 💕
Mehreen 💕

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