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In a bit of a Tangle 💇

copy-of-ootw-headingBy Steph ~ Well Being Motivator

Hey Stylists! Daily wear and tear can take a toll on your hair, but don’t you worry, it’s easily repaired!

11-2Take a peak and see what suits you best…

Curly to Brittle Hair32

When it comes to damaged hair, hairdressers recommend you go for protein based products, however they come at a price. Why? Protein products soak deep into your hair as opposed to most generic products that only provide a temporary fix.

If you can afford to splurge take a look at the Aveda haircare range, but if you’d rather experiment on a budget then why not try using mayonnaise as a hair masque, you’ll have luscious locks in no time!


🗨 Steph’s top picks for curly to brittle hair:

Greasy hair51-3

Like many people I too suffer from greasy hair, which is why dry shampoo has become my new best friend! While it can be a life saver try not to go overboard as it can irritate your scalp.

Oddly enough not brushing your hair as often as you should can irritate your scalp too! what a nightmare 😲. The key here is ‘balance‘. Brushing your hair prevents sebum from building up on your scalp and allows the natural oils to be spread out through your hair, but over brushing can also overwork those sebaceous glands and produce more oil than you need. Nobody said looking good was easy!61-1

🗨 Steph’s top picks for greasy hair:

Coloured hair71-1

Pick a colour, any colour! Let’s face it there are so many different hair colours to choose from so why not try them all? well, OK maybe not all…

Whatever colour you choose will require upkeep, especially if you go for a vibrant shade of red. How many times have you gone to wash your hair only to find that half the colour has run out and the bathroom now looks like part of a murder scene? Prevent this from happening by using a colour protect treatment. Of course you will need to top it up further down the line, but you will find that the colour lasts that little bit longer. Also don’t forget to condition regularly!81-1

🗨 Steph’s top picks for coloured hair:

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Whether you suffer from split ends or constantly look like you’ve got wet hair, there’s a solution for each type of hair!
Steph 💋

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